Short Home & Micro-Brewing Courses (See table below for details)

 The Secret Revealed:- The 8 Proven Keys  to brew better beer consistently and make you successful…

Filtering Demonstration

Just one of the critical topics discussed by an expert in beer stability in the concise homebrewing/craft brewing courses held around Australia and  SE Asia.

For a full list of courses refer to the table below for more info and to book your course!


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Which Course To Take?

  1. Some brewing or watched someone else brew? Then book the 1 day Brewing Essentials course, or
  2. Have grain brewed at home for some time or completed the 1 day Brewing  Essentials Course or want to get a good foundation into the microbrewing industry? Then book the 4 day Masterbrew Course
  3. Starting a new brewery? Entrepreneurs can enroll in the Platinum Premium Package (see below for more details)

For further information and advice call Vince on +61 (0)408 104 176 or if you want to talk to former students you can personally talk to them about what they thought about the courses.


Platinum Premium Package- Starting a Microbrewery Course (for Entrepreneurs and potential Microbrewers)

Learning how to brew correctly is critical to making excellent, consistent beer. Knowing how to apply your knowledge on a large scale and knowing how to set up a microbrewery is another thing.That’s why I’ve developed the all NEW Platinum Premium Package for the serious entrepreneur.Click on the Start your Microbrewery Course in the table below to enroll. Receive special rates and more for the group booking packages. Save, Save, Save.For more details, when you click on any of the hyper-linked Masterbrew courses (Silver Lining package) from the table below you will be taken to the appropriate booking page explaining the finer details.

Are You Interested?

But want to know Course Content

what is included in the MASTERBREW Course – 4 consecutive days

what is included in the ESSENTIALS Brewing Course – 1 day preceding the 4 day Masterbrew course

What is included in the Platinum Premium Package– Starting Your Own Microbrewery Course


For dates, further details and enrollment click the hyper-linked courses shown in the table below and make payment on-line using credit card.

Deposit or full payment will secure a seat. Early Bird and several Package options are available.

Dates will be shown once you click enroll or hyperlinked course.

N.B Courses have NO minimum numbers.

Course name Courses   Dates Venue Cost Enroll
Start your micobrewery Platinum Premium Package   on-going On-Line- Australia $3900  
Melbourne & Bright All Grain Courses One Day Brewing   Essentials 4 May, 28 September, 2018  



‎Vibe Hotel
441 Royal Pde., Parkville Vic





Mountain Mist Drv, Bright VIC  Australia

Four Day Masterbrew 5-8 May, 30 Sept- 3 Oct, 2018 Early Bird $1,620
Silver Lining Package 5-8 May, 30 Sept- 3 Oct, 2018 $1620
Bright  Hop Harvest Masterbrew  6th- 9th March, 2018 $1720
Sydney (CBD)
All Grain Courses
One Day Brewing Essentials 7 April, 2018 Flat Rock Brew Cafe, 290 Willoughby Rd, Naremburn $590
Four Day Masterbrew 8-11 April, 2018 Early Bird $1,630
Silver Lining Package 8-11 April, 2018 $1,630
Sydney (Newcastle) All Grain Courses Half Day Brewing Lightning TBA TBA $399
Four Day Masterbrew TBA Early Bird $1,620
Silver Lining Package TBA $1,620
Perth All Grain Courses One Day Brewing Essentials 2 June, 2018 The Monk Brewery, 33 South Terrace, Fremantle WA $590
Four Day Masterbrew 3-6 June, 2018 Early Bird $1,630
Silver  Lining Package 3-6 June, 2018 $1,630
Singapore All Grain Course
One Day Brewing Essentials TBA TBA Singapore A$590
4 day Masterbrew TBA A$1750
Silver Lining Package TBA A$1645
Wellington NZ All Grain Courses Cancelled for 2018 One Day Brewing Essentials 1 day The Third Eye, Wellington A$590
4 day Masterbrew 4 consecutive days Early Bird A$1,620
Silver Lining  Package A$1620
Brisbane All Grain Courses One Day Brewing Essentials 28 July White Lies Brewery,  Brisbane $590
4 day Masterbrew 28 -31 July, 2018 Early Bird $1,630
Silver Lining Package $1630
Advanced All Grain Brewing 1-on-1 ADV1-on-1 Time negotiable
on application
Costanzo Brewing School From $1980 Open

As a home-brewer or micro-brewer you can eliminate almost all problems by understanding just what to do when it comes to brewing good, consistent beer.

  • You can spend weeks making and preparing a batch of beer and so you can’t afford for your beer to turn out bad.
  • Avoid learning from trial and error which can be a long and agonising process.
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Gift Voucher Brewing Experience  

Are you looking for that special experience to gift to someone special?

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Why You Should Do These Home and Craft  Brewing Courses

There are many brewing courses around but these ones would benefit those wanting to learn from a professional brewer with almost 3 decades of experience

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Why Is Vince Best Qualified to Deliver these Courses?
Vince graduated in 1979 in chemistry at Monash University and went on to successfully complete a Master of Science degree at Monash in organic chemistry.

He has had 30 years experience in the food and beverage industry, the majority in the beverage industry.

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What the Masterbrew Courses Cover

The home brewing courses cover topics such as malt, yeast and hops, beer styles and design, craft beer tasting education, filtration, stabilisation and packaging of beer.

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The 12 Highlights You’ll Get From the Masterbrew Courses

    • just what does it mean & how do you get consistent beer every time you brew. This is the crux of the course and everything is related back to consistency

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Special Packages For Masterbrew CoursesSave, save and even receive more benefits by applying to one of these packages, up to over $435 in value.

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